Zebra Tracks is an indie band from Athens, Greece, using guitar, bass, drum sounds and two mouths. The dynamic quartet is blending the sounds of post punk and shoegaze with banned police chemicals and enjoys wreaking havoc on stage as well as working orderly in the studio.
After the double A-side single “Silicone Valley/Borealis Fallacia” (BuySomeRecords, 2006) and the “Zebra Tracks EP” (self-released 2007), Zebras released their full length debut album “A family picture from…Zebra Tracks” (Sonic Playground, 2009), which put a smile on many radio producers’ and music critics’ faces.
Meanwhile, the band has spent more than three years performing live around Greece and Europe next to international bands such as Placebo, Faith No More, Unkle, Yeasayer, Kaiser Chiefs, the Levellers, Long Blondes, Good Shoes, Television Personalities, the Chap, etc.
Zebra Tracks’ latest studio work includes the two singles “Isabelle Creeps” and “Bicycles”, which were self-released digitally in 2011 and provoked a very positive sense in blogs and critics around the world.
The new order that was placed recently in Greece by world capital crisis and the social explosion that followed, have found the band more inspired and oriented, exploring new musical paths and completing, in early 2012, the studio sessions of a brand new material under the name “Collective Guilt’’.