Felizol & The Boy
Zebra Tracks
Exposed By Observers
Space Blanket 


A joined live at Bios Athens + A 12" Limited edition Vinyl release

Στο Sonic Playground στούντιο δουλεύουν ξεχωριστά 4 μπάντες, που μετά τις πρόβες και τις ηχογραφήσεις δοκιμάζουν μαζί συνταγές από την πιο γνωστή κουζίνα της Αθήνας και βλέπουν μπάλα. Έτσι συλλογικά προέκυψε και η ιδέα για ένα 12ιντσο βινύλιο με 2 τραγούδια από κάθε μπάντα. Το βινύλιο θα κυκλοφορήσει για μια μόνο μέρα, σε ένα κοινό live, στις 4 Ιουνίου στο Bios.

Side A
1. Weirdos of Oz // Felizol and the Boy
2. Casino Royal // Space Blanket feat. Bookies
3. Isabelle Creeps // Zebra Tracks
4. Doubt is Dead // Exposed By Observers
Side B
1. Bicycles // Zebra Tracks
2. Juno // Exposed By Observers
3. Space Hopper // Space Blanket
4. Trashcans // Felizol and the Boy

Felizol & the Boy mix controversial fields of modern dance music with abundant indecency. Yiannis Veslemes & Alexandros Voulgaris perform live with sarcasm, humor, and an outstanding sound production…
The duo values the various subcultures of the ‘80s including Max Headroom, Joe Dante,†John Carpenter, Prince, Yello, and Oingo Boingo.
In March 2010 they released they released †O.H.I.O/She Is My Party She Is My Port with Ntrop Recordings, which contains a remix by Gavin Russom (DFA).
Felizol & the Boy will release their debut album, Fungus in 2011.

Out Now
O.H.I.O / She Is My Party She Is My Port [ Ntrop ]
Are You Still Dancing Can Can [ Rotary Cocktail ]
Treehouse E.P [ Persona ]

Bios Athens 2009

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FELIZOL & THE BOY : O.H.I.O [ sample ] by Ntrop

Exposed By Observers is a digital-nudisco-punk band formed in 2006.Consisting of two cousins,rasmio (vocals,loops,bass) and evilplaymobils (synths,back vocals ),they are known for their live energy along with plugnick on guitar duties.On 2008,after sending demos to producers and friends,they strarted searching for a producer to record their EP.Nikos Triantafyllou from Sonic Playground started discussions and he later began working with them for free on August.On September 19th,he arranged them their first gig at Bios Bar with Zebra Tracks,where he was the sound engineer for that night.Later,after the show,he asked them to play next night at a party he was also arranging at his house and the day after that they signed to Sonic Playground.After a couple of shows,plugnick had to leave the band due to his studies in France.He was substituted by stratos and the line-up was completed.They played 2 more shows,including Art Rocker-Velvet Party in December supporting Shitdisco dj set. Rasmio and evilplaymobils are also doing dj sets in several bars.They are currently finishing their first EP,entitled as Secondhand Youth,which is due to come out on March 2009.

Doubt Is Dead by Exposed By Observers
Fake Stories Never Get Old by Exposed By Observers
Skinny Danny by Exposed By Observers
Juno by Exposed By Observers

Space Blanket were officially formed in late 2009 with the first ever gig taking place at a small alternative multi-space in Athens, Greece. Members of the band (Abdul and Biscuit) compose and perform live electronic music with an audiovisual edge. Their sound is a mixture of grinding bass lines, heavy kicks and french style synths mixed with guitar and vocals and their live performances are “dressed up” with projections that react directly upon their musical input. At the moment Space Blanket are producing their debut EP.

Mary's Flower Superhead - The Boy U Cun't Dstroy (Space Blanket remix) by SPACE BLANKET

 Underworld - Bird1 (Space Blanket Remix) by SPACE BLANKET